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PD Charger & Power Adapter

As technology continues to play a larger role in our lives, we’re constantly looking for ways to keep our devices charged and running. One of the most important tools for this purpose is the power charger. In particular, the PD charger and fast power apapter are the most popular options in the market. The PD […]

Welcome to Visit Our Global Sources Fair Booth In Coming April,2023

SHENZHN TIANYIN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD As one of the leading supplier of Power supplier including: PD Charger | GaN Charger | USB Charger | Power Adapter | Car Charger | Battery Charger | AC Strip, we are annouced that we would attend the 2023 Global Sourcing Electronics Fair, all old and new customer of Tianyin are […]

How an Apple 20w fast charger comes out?

Today let’s go into a professional factory to learn more about it. First, go to their R & D center. Today we wanna 20 watts with pd protocol fast charger, cost must be between 3 dollars to four dollars, and then the R&D engieneer will integrate a perfect solution for this project, and then hardware […]

How to choose a qualified power adapter for your Aroma Diffuser

In today’s market, there are thousands of power supply manufacturers. How to choose a reliable supplier becomes a challenge for all Aroma Diffuser distributors.   According to our 21 years’ experience in power supply industry, there are three main points that you can specially pay attention to:   1, some factory use second-hand recycled electronic […]

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How big is the fast charging market?

How big is the fast charging market?   Foreword People always ask, how big is the fast charging market? Today we will talk about this topic. As early as 2015, OPPO first proposed the Slogan of “charging for 5 minutes and talking for 2 hours” on a smartphone, which has become a familiar classic advertising […]